Saturday, May 12th 2018



The People's Day from East Harlem Live on Vimeo.

On Saturday May 12, 2018 in a public garden en East Harlem, we will host a free-form celebration called The People’s Day. On this day, artistas, activistas, neighborhood institutions and East Harlem community members will come together to share stories and recognize each other in the midst of gentrification and the new rezoning plan implementation.


The People’s Day is free and open to everyone!

Stream Us Live!

You will be able to follow “The People’s Day” live streaming from our Facebook Page

See you there!

See you at The People’s Day
Right across the Young Lords Way
From 9am-9pm, the second Saturday of May

Who We Are

The People’s Day is part of a social engagement art project called East Harlem Live co-founded by the 111! Collective and members of the East Harlem Community.

Through, photos, texts, videos, sound clips, and live performances East Harlem Live collects stories and amplifies voices of members of the East Harlem’s community. Check it out here.

The 111! Collective is composed of 4 graduate students from the Performance and Interactive Media Arts program at Brooklyn College; Alonso Gorozpe, David Rios, Miguel Angel Valderrama and Sabine Blaizin.

Shayhan Lewis - Photography & Web Design
Jardines Animados - Graphic Design
Ivette Mercado - Video Production
PIMA Class 2018 - Creative and Artistic Consulting


The People’s Day program is designed to commemorate the 11 days that the Young Lords occupied the People's Church in 1969.

Rewards will be given out to outstanding members of the community based on categories such as HEALTH, FOOD, DANCE, YOUTH, and EDUCATION.


Tamales Lupita

Cafe Ollin

¡Que Rico! (FOOD)

Agustin Guzman, Sanduga Dance Studio

Dr. Ravichandra

Herb Garden Members

Staying Alive (HEALTH)

Juan y Lety (Cafe Ollin)

Candido Moran

Jose Encarnacion

No Nos Moveran

El Museo del Barrio Education Department

Escuela de Mariachi Angeles de NY

Knowledge is Power (EDUCATION)

Carlos "Carlitos" Banks

Lifetime Achievement

Princess Nokia

Amy Leon

Harlem Solidarity Defense

Young Leaders (YOUTH)

Soles of Duende

Kotchenga Dance Company

On the Good Foot (DANCE)

DJ Alex Museam

DJ Caluda

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life